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Excellent for grilling. Great on any meat, poultry, fish or
wild game!

Meat Mojo

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Meat Mojo is now available at
Hebert's Specialty Meats around Houston!

Hebert's Specialty Meats

Also available at
Arlan's Market in Crosby!
6500 FM 2100

Arlan's Market Meat Mojo


Meat Mojo is also available
for purchase in bulk!
50 pounds: $375
100 pounds: $700
Email Bryan for details.








If you're in Houston, come sample Meat Mojo along with Bryan's grilling wizardry FOUR nights a week (see below for menu)!

All grilled items made using
100% genuine guaranteed
Meat Mojo seasoning!
Meat Mojo is available for purchase
at each steak night
– ask your server!

Mondays & Thursdays starting at 6:30 at
The Harp.
The Harp Houston

Tuesdays at 6:30 at Pimlico.
Pimlico Houston

Wednesdays starting at 6:30 at
Public House Heights.
Public House Heights

A partial list of our Steak Nights menu!

Meat Mojo Steak Nights Menu

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About Bryan

Bryan Hawes, creator of Meat Mojo Seasoning grew up in Southern Louisiana. When he wasn't hunting and fishing he was in the kitchen with his grandmother assisting with the cooking.. and the eating. After pursuing an education in culinary arts he trained as a butcher for 5 years. He's a master on the grill and he prides himself in the pursuit of excellence.

He began doing steak nights in Houston in 2002. He sought to create a perfectly balanced steak and to do so consistently. For 13 years he worked on developing the perfect seasoning for his steaks. He added a little more of this and subtracted a bit of that until he produced Meat Mojo: the perfect seasoning for any type of meat . . . or egg . . . or veggie.

It's excellent on just about anything. (Meat Mojo is available online, in stores and at Meat Mojo Steak Night locations; see above.) We'll give you the ultimate Southern guarantee that you'll love it!


You can purchase this perfect blend on eBay or at one of my current steak nights. The current steak night schedule is:

The menu is as follows:

  • 12 oz. choice ribeye steak, $18
  • (2) 4-6 oz. pork loin chops with fresh pineapple and Ninja Sauce, $13
  • 1/2 rack of lamb with fresh pineapple and Ninja Sauce, $18

All items are served with either jalapeño cheddar mashed potatoes or pasta salad. I select all the meat and cut it as well. It is marinated and seasoned then grilled to your desired temperature. Everything I serve is hand-made. Everything!!!

Email Bryan at

You can call him at (832) 788-0495.

so I can post 'em!


Best Results!

  • Apply generously to all kinds of steaks prior to grilling.
  • Lightly coat your favorite fish, whether grilling or baking.
  • Put on ribs right before cooking.
  • Add as a seasoning to pasta before serving.
  • Throw some on your fried or scrambled eggs.
  • None of your casseroles will complain.
  • Pan-seared chicken breasts.
  • Deviled eggs! For both flavor and color.
  • Salt, pepper . . . Meat Mojo's a welcome guest at the dinner table.
  • Two words: pot roast!
    Baked whole chicken? Mojo in and out.
  • Knock your fried chicken batter up a few notches with Meat Mojo.
  • Hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers.

For best results grilling meat or poultry, use this marinade!

1 cup soy sauce
3/4 cup orange juice
1 tablespoon granulated garlic


Directions: Dip meat or poultry into marinade and immediately remove. Place in a Ziplock bag or on a plate and let sit at least 1 hour before cooking. Once you remove it from the marinade it can sit in a sealed container for the life of the meat without getting any stronger marinade flavor. Just before grilling, evenly sprinkle Meat Mojo on both or all sides of meat or poultry.



Endorsements (real ones)

"We literally put it on everything. Obviously it's awesome on any meat. But then I started putting it on everything else and everything it touches is great. I seasoned popcorn with it and it was amazing. The spice is magical. Bryan is amazing." - Melissa "I have yet to find something this doesn't go well with. Fajitas, chicken, shrimp, potatoes, eggs, popcorn, guacamole, french fries.. I've tried this on everything and it's always great. Thanks for such multi-purposed spice!"
- Stephen
"Bryan's rib eyes taste like TEXAS steak, like steak tasted when we were kids. It's not some overpriced, dried-out filet that you have to get dressed up for. It's meat that deserves to be called steak! As for Meat Mojo, I like it best on fish but it makes my burgers so much better and even my turkey garlic meatloaf!"
- Max
"Brian was struck by lightning in his youth and given super powers at the grill."
- Clay"

This rub is amazing on all types of meat! Chicken and fish, too."
- Juan
"One of the best steaks I've had at a steak night. The seasoning is perfect and my steak was cooked exactly how I asked. I had the mashed potatoes and they were also amazing. I eat at Public House on Wednesdays but I know they cook at other places. I highly suggest you finding them and trying it for yourself! They sell their seasoning so I'll be getting some for my husband for a stocking stuffer!"
- Allison
"Bryan's Meat Mojo is meat magic!  I've tried this stuff on steak, chicken, and fish and have always  been surprised how it brings out the flavor in all. I used to combine a huge selection of different spices and never really got it exactly right. Now I don't fret 'cause Bryan did and we should thank him for it."
- Jerry
"Great mix. Used it on my brisket. Kept spraying it down every 45 mins to an hour with a mixture of oil, bourban sauce and apple juice. 13.8 lbs of brisket for about 14 hours. Smoke rolling the entire time. Excellent bark and flavor. Thank you."
- Jason
"A friend suggested we go there and I am so thankful for that tip! Seeing and being able to talk to the chef makes the experience that much better! Bryan is passionate about what he does. The quality and presentation of each delicious dish shows it."
- Wat
"Thanks for the Meat Mojo brother, I'm putting baby on the smoker right nowbacks."
- James
Meat Mojo baby back ribs
"Pork tenderloin MOJO. I thought I was out but luckily I had a back-up supply!
Crisis averted."
- Jackson
Meat Mojo Pork Tenderloin


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Salt, paprika, garlic, onion, spices, rice flour, citric acid, lemon powder [sugar, concentrated lemon oil, citral and silicon dioxide (free flow agent)] and silicon dioxide (free flow agent).
Meat Mojo is proudly, professionally produced and packaged at Bolner's Fiesta spice emporium in San Antonio.
Bolner's Fiesta Spices


Just a man and his grill.


© 2017 Bryan Hawes